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Situazione Difficile – Consapevolezza – Realizzazione di un piano ( la situazione difficile ci martella la mente) – Azione – Azione ,l’azione comporta delle perdite,dei sacrifici. Il ripensamento e la voglia di abbandonare tutto ci attanagliano – L’azione sta portando buoni risultati – Risultato – Si pensa a ciò che è accaduto e come se stessimo battendo a macchina rievochiamo tutto. Bellezza e tristezza si mescolano nei nostri pensieri – I pensieri ridiventano nitidi ed infine svaniscono

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0:00 Backwardness symbolizes that most people are missing their potential and are taking the easy path. Walking backward is not strange but is the norm. Walking forward is strange. This kind of world believes that “time is the killer,” and so they look to the past. But people should look to the future, not to the past. 0:16 Someone has the ability to move forward with her potential with the assistance of a helping hand. But the mother is only able to help so much, and is herself at only a standstill. 0:21 One man is moving forward, slowly, able to reach his potential but unwilling and unmotivated to do so. He recognizes the girl’s potential and is curious. 0:22 Others are suspicious of the girl and any person trying to break out of the mold. 0:26 Great men exist. They are not afraid to be different. 0:36 The great men recognize her potential and want to help her achieve it. But she can’t relate to them. The generational divide is too great. 0:38 He recognizes that he is unable to help the youngest generation. They are powerless. It is up to the new generation of great men. 0:40 He looks to the middle generation to step up. The great man is terrified that he is unable to inspire the youngest generation and asks him to step up. There is no alternative. 0:41 He understands this request and is ashamed at not living to his potential. 0:47 He looks around and sees everyone else’s lives passing them by and it motivates him to step up. 0:50 He begins to charge full steam ahead into his life’s work to make a mark on the world. 0:53 Others do not welcome him breaking out of their mold. Seeing someone forge their own path unsettles them. 1:00 Forces of nature push him down and try to get him to conform and to walk backward. Walking backward is effortless. 1:02 Seeing him pushed back, others are contented that he is unable to forge his own path. They want him to be like them. They don’t want to face believe there is a harder path. 1:03 He finally has the resolve to succeed. 1:41 Love appears to set things forward for people and to change them… 1:47 But it is only an illusion. Love won’t change the course of their lives. They are their own people. Love passes and they walk quickly backward, once again. 2:11 He is succeeding in his path and able to motivate the new generation. 2:19 He is so determined and has been striving for so long that when he encounters an obstacle it has no enduring impact whatsoever. He gets back up again. 2:35 He is for the first time recognized by other great men. 2:59 When confronted with an unsurmountable obstacle he tackles it head-on. Determination and confidence is required for him to reach his potential. 3:08 He has finally become a great man and will inspire others. 3:16 The girl is now able to move forward, slowly.



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